Modern Concrete and Composites 2023


  • Editorial


The 2nd International conference Modern Concrete and Composites 2023 is a conference held by Faculty of Civil Engineering in Prague. The conference is focused on the sharing knowledge of modern technologies, materials, investigation techniques and approaches applicable in the concrete industry and composite design.

The conference key topics were following:

  • new binders,
  • advanced technologies,
  • non-cementitious composites,
  • measurement techniques,
  • admixtures and additives,
  • recycling,
  • concrete under severe condition,
  • unique structures.

Date: October 11 - 13, 2023
Venue: Hotel SKI, Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic

Organised by:
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Guest editors:
Pavel Reiterman
Tomáš David
Vendula Davidová

Scientific committee:
Jiří Máca
Lenka Bodnárová
Petr Huňka
Tomáš Klečka
Karel Kolář
Jiří Litoš
Pavel Reiterman
Jan Vodička

Local organizing committee:
Pavel Reiterman
Petr Huňka
Bohuslav Slánský
Miroslav Brouček
Vendula Davidová
Tomáš David
Dalibor Kocáb
Martin Luňáček
Martin Vyšvařil
Tomáš Vlach

Guarantor of the peer review process:
Pavel Reiterman

Guarantor of language editing:
Miroslav Brouček


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