Jaromír Vachutka, Ladislav Doležal


The proper function of the ultrasound imaging system is the basic precondition for the obtaining of high quality diagnostic information. Ultrasound probe is one of the most important parts of the ultrasound imaging system. However, the incidence of defective ultrasound probes is relatively high. The common transducer errors are delamination, break in the cable and weak or dead elements. These defects result in gradual changes of the ultrasound image, which can be difficult to detect during normal operation. Our effort is to find out how a given probe failure affects the quality of diagnostic information. The aim of this work is to describe the effect of exactly defined probe failure on the quality parameters of ultrasound B-mode image. The probe failures were simulated using ultrasound imaging system Sonix RP. The software of this device enables to turn off the elements in the probe. The quality parameters of ultrasound B-mode images were measured using Precision Multi-Purpose Gray Scale Test instrument Gammex RMI 403GS LE. We scanned this phantom with faultless and defected linear probe (1–20 dead elements). We evaluated axial resolution, lateral resolution, accuracy of vertical distance measurements and image uniformity in the stored B-mode images of the phantom.


ultrasound; B-mode; probe failure; image quality


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