Axial Force at the Vessel Bottom Induced by Axial Impellers

I. Fořt, P. Hasal, A. Paglianti, F. Magelli


This paper deals with the axial force affecting the flat bottom of a cylindrical stirred vessel. The vessel is equipped with four radial baffles and is stirred with a four 45° pitched blade impeller pumping downwards. The set of pressure transducers is located along the whole radius of the flat bottom between two radial baffles. The radial distribution of the dynamic pressures indicated by the transducers is measured in dependence on the impeller off-bottom clearance and impeller speed.It follows from the results of the experiments that under a turbulent regime of flow of an agitated liquid the mean time values of the dynamic pressures affecting the bottom depend not on the impeller speed but on the impeller off-bottom clearance. According to the model of the flow pattern of an agitated liquid along the flat bottom of a mixing vessel with a pitched blade impeller, three subregions can be considered in this region: the liquid jet streaming downwards from the impeller deviates from its vertical (axial) direction to the horizontal direction,  the subregion of the liquid flowing horizontally along the bottom and, finally, the subregion of the liquid changing direction from the bottom upwards (vertically) along the wall of the cylindrical vessel, when the volumetric flow rates of the liquid taking place in the downward and upward flows are the same. 


pitched blade impeller; dynamic pressure; mixing vessel; flat bottom; pressure transducer

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