Acta Polytechnica

ACTA POLYTECHNICA is a scientific journal published by the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and it aims to be a high-quality, ­multi­-disciplinary Journal presenting both basic theoretical research and ­experimental research findings. The factors unifying the papers published in ACTA POLYTECHNICA should be their high level of interpretation based on the scientific ­background common to all technical disciplines.

For several years Acta Polytechnica was listed on the „List of peer-reviewed non‐impacted periodicals issued in the Czech Republic“ issued by the Research, Development and Innovation Council. Starting with volume 51 (2011), Acta Polytechnica has been indexed by Scopus database.

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Z.P. Bažant Prize for Engineering Mechanics


The Czech Society for Mechanics institutes annually awards a prize named "Z.P. Bažant Prize for Engineering Mechanics". For 2014 the Prize was awarded to Professor Vladimír Zeman.

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Vol 55, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents

Maria D. Caballero-Garcia, M. Jelinek, A. Castro-Tirado, R. Hudec, R. Cunniffe, O. Rabaza, L. Sabau-Graziati
David Casas, Manuel D. Barriga-Carrasco, Alexander A. Andreev, Matthias Schnürer, Roberto Morales
Phani Kumar Domalapally, Slavomir Entler
Pavlína Hájková, David Tichý, Jiří Čmelík, Petr Antoš
Michal Havrlik, Pavla Ryparová
Jakub Kelar, Jan Čech, Pavel Slavíček
Lukas Kratky, Tomáš Jirout
M. Kühnel, S. Müller, I. Kreykenbohm Kreykenbohm, F.-W. Schwarm, C. Grossberger, B. T. Dauser, M. A. Nowak, K. Pottschmidt, C. Ferrigno, R. E. Rothschild, D. Klochkov, R. Staubert, J. Wilms
Peter Ondac, Jan Horacek, Jakub Seidl, Petr Vondrácek, Hans Werner Müller, Jirí Adámek, Anders Henry Nielsen
Dmitriy Tsyrenov, Aleksandr Semenov, Natalia Smirnyagina