An Empirical Method for Estimating Global Solar Radiation over Egypt

S. A. Khalil, A. M. Fathy


Global solar radiation has been estimated on the basis of measurements of sunshine duration for different selected sites in Egypt; (Marsa-Matruh, Cairo, Aswan, Al-Kharga, Abu-Simble and Halaib-Shalatin). The regression coefficients (a) and (b) of Angstrom type correlation are calculated for the selected sites. The values of the regression coefficients are found to vary from 0.219–0.611 and 0.107–0.576, respectively. These values have been calculated by three different approaches. The estimated values of the global solar radiation are compared with the measured values. Although the (a) and (b) values differ from one site to another; the summation (a+b) is almost the same for the selected sites. The difference between the estimated and measured values of the global solar radiation at the various sites varies from 4 % to 12 %.


regression coefficient; sunshine duration; global solar radiation

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