Decomposition of Intumescent Coatings: Comparison between a Numerical Method and Experimental Results

L. M. R. Mesquita, P. A. G. Piloto, M. A. P. Vaz, T. M. G. Pinto


An investigation of two different intumescent coatings used in steel fire protection has been performed to evaluate their efficiency. A set of experimental tests is presented. They were conducted in a cone calorimeter, considering different thicknesses and heat fluxes. Among other quantities, the steel temperature and the intumescence thickness variation were measured. A numerical model for the paint decomposition is also presented. Based on the intumescence experimental value, the model is able to provide a reasonably good prediction of the steel temperature evolution. 


Fire protection; intumescent coatings; cone calorimeter; char formation; heat transfer; energy equation; thermal decomposition; porosity; arrhenius equation; activation energy

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