Active Detectors for Plasma Soft X-Ray Detection at PALS

C. Granja, V. Linhart, M. Platkevič, J. Jakůbek, E. Krouský, S. Pospíšil, O. Renner, T. Slavíček


This paper summarizes the work carried out for an experimental study of low-energy nuclear excitation by laser-produced plasma at the PALS Prague laser facility. We describe the adaptation and shielding of single-quantum active radiation detectors developed at IEAP CTU Prague to facilitate their operation inside the laser interaction chamber in the vicinity of the plasma target. The goal of this effort is direct real-time single-quantum detection of plasma soft X-ray radiation with energy above a few keV and subsequent identification of the decay of the excited nuclear states via low-energy gamma rays in a highly radiative environment with strong electromagnetic interference.


laser induced nuclear excitation; laser-produced plasma; electromagnetic interference; photonuclear excitation

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