Flock Growth Kinetics for Flocculation in an Agitated Tank

R. Šulc, O. Svačina


Flock growth kinetics was investigated in baffled tank agitated by a Rushton turbine at mixing intensity 40 W/m3 and kaolin concentration 0.44 g/l. The tests were carried out with a model wastewater (a suspension of tap water and kaolin). The model wastewater was flocculated with organic Sokoflok 56 A flocculant (solution 0.1 % wt.). The flock size and flock shape were investigated by image analysis. A simple semiempirical generalized correlation for flock growth kinetics was proposed, and was used for data treatment. The flock shape was characterized by fractal dimension Df2. Using the statistical hypothesis test, the fractal dimension was found to be independent of flocculation time, and the value Df2 = 1.442 ± 0.125 was determined as the average value for the given conditions.


flocculation; flock growth; flock size; mixing; Rushton turbine; kaolin slurry

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