A Study of Gait and Posture with the Use of Cyclograms

O. Hajný, B. Farkašová


Present-day science makes extensive use of the simulation. Our work focuses on simulating human gait. Simulations of human gait can be used for prosthetics and therapy e.g. rehabilitation, optimizing the movements made by sportsmen, evaluating advances in rehabilitation, etc. Methods of AI can also be used for predicting gait movement and for identifying disorders.Our project is about measuring human gait, simulating the musculo-skeletal system in order to study study walking and predicting and quantifying gait with the use of neural networks. The research is being carried out in the biomechanics laboratory at FBE CTU, and is intended for use in clinical practice at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.


simulation; human body model; walking; artificial intelligence; gait angles; bilateral cyclograms

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