Practical Results of a Five-level Flying Capacitor Inverter

O. Sivkov


This paper investigates the realization of a five-level Flying Capacitor Inverter. After a brief description of general Power Electronic Converters and an introduction to the advantages of Multilevel Inverters over conventional two-level Inverters the main focus is on the five-level Flying Capacitor Inverter. The Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (FCMI) is a Multilevel Inverter (MI) where the capacitor voltage can be balanced using only a control strategy for any number of levels. After a general description of five-level FCMI topology, the simulation and experimental results are presented. The capacitor voltage is stabilized here with various output voltage amplitude values. The simulation and experimental results of five-level FCMI show that the voltage is stabilized on capacitors using the control strategy. A single-phase five-level FCMI model is currently being developed and constructed in the laboratory. Some of the experimental results are available.


multilevel inverters; control strategy; IGBT; DCMI; FCMI; active power filters; unified power flow controller

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