Ultra Low-Dispersion Spectroscopy with Gaia and Photographic Objective Prism Surveys

R. Hudec, L. Hudec, M. Klíma


This paper discusses the ultra low-dispersion spectroscopy to be applied in the ESA Gaia space observatory and the ground-based objective-prism plate surveys. Although the dispersion in plate surveys is usually larger than in the Gaia BP/RP spectrometers, the spectral resolutions differ by a factor of 2–3 only, since the resolution in ground-based spectra is seeing-limited. We argue that some of the algorithms developed for digitized objective-prism plates can also be applied for the Gaia spectra. At the same time, the plate results confirm the feasibility of observing strong emission lines with Gaia RP/BP.


astronomical plates; astronomy satellites; ESA Gaia; low-dispersion spectroscopy

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