Cosmology with Gamma-Ray Bursts Using k-correction

A. Kovács, Z. Bagoly, L. G. Balázs, I. Horváth, P. Veres


In the case of Gamma Ray Bursts with measured redshift, we can calculate the k-correction to get the fluence and energy that were actually produced in the comoving system of the GRB. To achieve this we have to use well-fitted parameters of GRB spectrum, available in the GCN database. The output of the calculations is the comoving isotropic energy Eiso, but this is not the endpoint: this data can be useful forestimating the ΩM parameter of the Universe and for making a GRB Hubble diagram usig Amati’s relation.


k-correction; Gamma-Ray Burst; cosmology; Hubble diagram; density parameter of matter

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