Cosmology and the Subgroups of Gamma-ray Bursts

A. Mészáros, J. Řípa, L. G. Balázs, Z. Bagoly, P. Veres, I. Horváth


Both short and intermediate gamma-ray bursts are distributed anisotropically in the sky (Mészáros, A. et al. ApJ, 539, 98 (2000), Vavrek, R. et al. MNRAS, 391, 1 741 (2008)). Hence, in the redshift range, where these bursts take place, the cosmological principle is in doubt. It has already been noted that short bursts should be mainly at redshifts smaller than one (Mészáros, A. et al. Gamma-ray burst: Sixth Huntsville Symp., AIP, Vol. 1 133, 483 (2009); Mészáros, A. et al. Baltic Astron., 18, 293 (2009)). Here we show that intermediate bursts should be at redshifts up to three.

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