Advanced Processing of Images Obtained from Wide-field Astronomical Optical Systems

M. Řeřábek, P. Páta


The principal aim of this paper is to present a general view of the special optical systems used for acquiring astronomical image data, commonly referred to as WFC or UWFC (Ultra Wide Field Camera), and of their transfer characteristics. UWFC image data analysis is very difficult in general, not only because the systems have so-called space variant (SV) properties. Images obtained from UWFC systems are usually incorrectly presented due to a wide range of optical aberrations and distortions. The influence of the optical aberrations increases towards the margins of the field of view. These aberrations distort the point spread function of the optical system and rapidly cut the accuracy of the measurements. This paper deals with simulation and modelling of the UWFC optical systems used in astronomy and their transfer characteristics.


PSF; UWFC; Zernike polynomial; aberration; space variant; deconvolution algorithm

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