N = 4, d = 1 Supersymmetric Hyper-Kähler Sigma Models and Non-Abelian Monopole Background

S. Bellucci, S. Krivonos, A. Sutulin


We construct a Lagrangian formulation of N = 4 supersymmetric mechanics with hyper-Kähler sigma models in a bosonic sector in a non-Abelian background gauge field. The resulting action includes a wide class of N = 4 supersymmetric mechanics describing the motion of an isospin-carrying particle over spaces with non-trivial geometry. In two examples that we discuss in details, the background fields are identified with the field of BPST instantons in flat and Taub-NUT


supersymmetric mechanics; Hyper-Kähler spaces; non-Abelian gauge fields

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