Prague’s Water Supply Station in Podolí — a Solution for the Problems of Clean Water in the 1930s

K. Drnek


In the 1920s Prague was seeking a solution to the problem of supplying its inhabitants with drinkable water. The water plant in Káraný was not able to provide enough water, and the bold plan to bring water from a reservoir and to provide a dual system of potable and non-potable water faced an uncertain future. In order to stave off the crisis and make time to complete its plans, the city council decided to construct a new water supply plant inside the city next to the Vltava river in the city district of Podolí.


Káraný; Ing. Jaroslav Vancl; Podolí; Puech-Chabal; filtration; large mesh filters; prefilters; fine filters; Ing. Antonín Engel

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