Advances in Modern Capacitive ECG Systems for Continuous Cardiovascular Monitoring

A. Schommartz, B. Eilebrecht, T. Wartzek, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt


The technique of capacitive electrocardiography (cECG) is very promising in a flexible manner. Already integrated into several everyday objects, the single lead cECG system has shown that easy-to-use measurements of electrocardiograms are possible without difficult preparation of the patients. Multi-channel cECG systems enable the extraction of ECG signals even in the presence of coupled interferences, due to the additional redundant information. Thus, this paper presents challenges for electronic hardware design to build on developments in recent years, going from the one-lead cECG system to multi-channel systems in order to provide robust measurements - e.g. even while driving an automobile.


capacitive electrodes; non-contact measurements; ECG; multi-channel sensor array; automotive application

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