Cataclysmic Variables — X-rays and Optical Activity in V1223 Sgr and V709 Cas

R. Gális, L. Hric, E. Kundra, F. Münz


Intermediate polars are a major fraction of all cataclysmic variables detected by INTEGRAL in hard X-ray. These objects have recently been proposed to be the dominant X-ray source population detected near the Galactic centre, and they also contribute significantly to X-ray diffuse Galactic ridge emission. Nevertheless, only 25% of all known intermediate polars have been detected in hard X-ray. This fact can be related to the activity state of these close interacting binaries.A multi-frequency (from optical to X-ray) investigation of intermediate polars is essential for understanding the physical mechanisms responsible for the observed activity of these objects.


Cataclysmic variables; optical and X-ray variability; mass transfer and accretion.

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