A New Fast Silicon Photomultiplier Photometer

F. Meddi, F. Ambrosino, C. Rossi, R. Nesci, S. Sclavi, A. Ruggieri, S. Sestito, I. Bruni, R. Gualandi


The Crab pulsar is one of the most intensively studied X-ray/optical objects, but up to now only a small number of research groups have based their photometers on SiPM technology. In early February 2011, the Crab pulsar signal was observed with our photometer prototype. With low-cost instrumentation, the results of the analysis are very significant: the processed data acquired on the Crab pulsar gave both a good light curve and a good power spectrum, in comparison with the data analysis results of other more expensive photometer instrumentation.


Silicon PhotoMultiplier detector (SiPM); photometer; fast variability; Pulsar.

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