Photometric Analysis of the Pi of the Sky Data


  • M. Siudek
  • K. Malek
  • L. Mankiewicz
  • R. Opiela
  • M. Sokolowski
  • A. F. Zarnecki



Gamma Ray Burst (GRB), prompt optical emissions, optical flashes, nova stars, variable stars, robotic telescopes, photometry.


A database containing star measurements from the period 2006–2009 taken by the Pi of the Sky detector located in Las Campanas Observatory in Chile contains more than 2 billion measurements of almost 17 million objects. All measurements are available on the Pi of the Sky web site through a dedicated interface, which also allows users to download selected data. Accurate analysis of Pi of the Sky data is a real challenge, because of a number of factors that can influence the measurements. Possible sources of errors in our measurements include: reading the chip with the shutter open, strong and varying sky background, passing planets or planetoids, and clouds and hot pixels. In order tofacilitate the analysis of variable stars we have developed a system of dedicated filters to remove bad measurements or frames. The spectral sensitivity of the detector is taken into account by appropriate corrections based on the spectral type of reference stars. This process is illustrated by an analysis of the BG Ind system, where we have been able to reduce the systematic uncertainty to about 0.05 magnitudo.

Author Biographies

M. Siudek

K. Malek

L. Mankiewicz

R. Opiela

M. Sokolowski

A. F. Zarnecki