Plasma Flow and Temperature in a Gliding Reactor with Different Electrode Configurations

J. Sláma


This paper deals with the plasma flow shape depending on the electrode form of a gliding discharge plasma-chemical reactor, and with the temperature distribution along the direction of the plasma flow in one specific electrode form. The shape of the electrodes and their mutual position has a significant influence on the design of a gliding discharge reactor and its applications. It is crucial to know the temperature distribution in the reactor’s chamber design and discharge application. Three configurations with model shapes of wire electrodes were therefore tested (low-divergent, circular, high-divergent) and the plasma flow was described. The experiments were performed in air at atmospheric pressure and at room temperature. In order to map the reactive plasma region of the flow we investigated the visible spectral lines that were emitted. The gas temperature was measured using an infrared camera.


gliding discharge; spectra; shape of electrodes; plasma reactor; plasma flow; temperature

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