Optimization of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Supervisory Power System Stabilizers

Y. A. Al-Turki, A.-F. Attia, H. F. Soliman


This paper presents a powerful supervisory power system stabilizer (PSS) using an adaptive fuzzy logic controller driven by an adaptive fuzzy set (AFS). The system under study consists of two synchronous generators, each fitted with a PSS, which are connected via double transmission lines. Different types of PSS-controller techniques are considered. The proposed genetic adaptive fuzzy logic controller (GAFLC)-PSS, using 25 rules, is compared with a static fuzzy logic controller (SFLC) driven by a fixed fuzzy set (FFS) which has 49 rules. Both fuzzy logic controller (FLC) algorithms utilize the speed error and its rate of change as an input vector. The adaptive FLC algorithm uses a genetic algorithmto tune the parameters of the fuzzy set of each PSS. The FLC’s are simulated and tested when the system is subjected to different disturbances under a wide range of operating points. The proposed GAFLC using AFS reduced the computational time of the FLC, where the number of rules is reduced from 49 to 25 rules. In addition, the proposed adaptive FLC driven by a genetic algorithm also reduced the complexity of the fuzzy model, while achieving a good dynamic response of the system under study.


fuzzy logic controller: adaptive fuzzy set (AFS); fixed fuzzy set (FFS) and genetic algorithm

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