Lab-scale Technology for Biogas Production from Lignocellulose Wastes

Lukáš Krátký, Tomáš Jirout, Jiří Nalezenec


Currently-operating biogas plants are based on the treatment of lignocellulose biomass, which is included in materials such as agriculture and forestry wastes, municipal solid wastes, waste paper, wood and herbaceous energy crops. Lab-scale biogas technology was specially developed for evaluating the anaerobic biodegrability and the specific methane yields of solid organic substrates. This technology falls into two main categories – pretreatment equipments, and fermentation equipments. Pretreatment units use physical principles based on mechanical comminution (ball mills, macerator) orhydrothermal treatment (liquid hot water pretreatment technology). The biochemical methane potential test is used to evaluate the specific methane yields of treated or non-treated organic substrates. This test can be performed both by lab testing units and by lab fermenter.


ball mill; batch test; fermenter; liquid hot water pretreatment; macerator

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