Change of Pressing Chamber Conicalness at Briquetting Process in Briquetting Machine Pressing Chamber

Peter Križan, Miloš Matúš, Jaan Kers, Djordje Vukelić


In this paper, we will present the impact of the conical shape of a pressing chamber, an important structural parameter. Besides the known impact of the technological parameters of pressing chambers, it is also very important to pay attention to their structural parameters. In the introduction, we present a theoretical analysis of pressing chamber conicalness. An experiment aimed at detecting this impact was performed at our institute, and it showed that increasing the conicalness of a pressing chamber improves the quality of the final briquettes. The conicalness of the pressing chamber has a significanteffect on the final briquette quality and on the construction of briquetting machines. The experimental findings presented here show the importance of this parameter in the briquetting process.


biomass; briquetting; pressing chamber shape; pressing chamber conicalness

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