Plasma Surface Treatment of Powder Materials — Process and Application

Monika Pavlatová, Marta Horáková, Jan Hladík, Petr Špatenka


Polyolefin particles are hydrophobic, and this prevents their use for various applications. Plasma treatment is an environment-friendly polyolefin hydrophilisation method. We developed an industrial-scale plant for plasma treatment of particles as small as micrometers in diameter. Materials such as PE waxes, UHMWPE and powders for rotomolding production were tested to verify their new surface properties. We achieved significantly increased wettability of the particles, so that they are very easily dispersive in water without agglomeration, and their higher surface energy is retained even after sintering in the case of rotomolding powders.


plasma treatment; polyolefin powders; wettability; surface energy; agglomeration

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