Strontium As a Structure Modifier for Non-binary Al–Si Alloy

Barbora Bryksí Stunová


This paper presents a study of the influence on the structure of AlSi10Mg alloy when 400 ppm of strontium is added. Not only changes in the morphology of eutectic silicon, but in particular changes in the morphology of the intermetallicphases are monitored, namely phases containing iron and magnesium. The effect of strontium on structural defects,namely cavities formation, is also observed. It was found, that in non-binary system Al–Si–Mg also intermetallic phases of magnesium are affected by addition of strontium: especially phase Mg2Si changes the morphology significantly fromunmodified to modified structure. Moreover, findings of other authors, that strontium has a negative effect on the levelof gas porosity and on the distribution of shrinkages, are also confirmed.


strontium; aluminum alloys; structure; structural defects

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