Application of Induction Heating for Brazing Parts of Solar Collectors

Kristína Demianová, Milan Ožvold, Milan Turňa


This paper reports on the application of induction heating for brazing parts of solar collectors made of Al alloys. The tube-flange joint is a part of the collecting pipe of a solar collector. The main task was to design an induction coil for this type of joint, and to select the optimum brazing parameters. Brazing was performed with AlSi12 brazing alloy, and corrosive and non-corrosive flux types were also applied. The optimum brazing parameters were determined on the basis of testing the fabricated brazed joints by visual inspection, by leakage tests, and by macro- and micro-analysis of the joint boundary. The following conditions can be considered to be the best for brazing Al materials: power 2.69 kW,brazing time 24 s, flux BrazeTec F32/80.


aluminium alloy; brazing; induction heating

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