Advanced Functions of a Modern Power Source for GMAW Welding of Steel

Ladislav Kolařík, Marie Kolaříková, Karel Kovanda, Marek Pantůček, Petr Vondrouš


This paper evaluates the use of a modern welding power source equipped with advanced arc control functions. At the Laboratory of Welding Technologies of CTU in Prague we have focused on GMAW welding of steel using Sigma Galaxy, a modern welding power source produced by Migatronic. Sigma Galaxy is equipped with functions called Intelligent Arc Control and Sequence Repeat. According to the manufacturer, controlling an arc by these functions should significantly stabilize the welding process, lower the heat input and the deformation, and improve the weld quality. To evaluate the benefits of these functions completely, single V butt welds were performed on S275J2 structural steel 10 mm in thickness (2 weld layers: root+capping layer) in PF and PG positions. Welding was monitored by the Welding Information System, and was compared with standard GMAW welding. The results have shown that these “intelligent” functions offer significant advantages for steel welding, especially in vertical and overhead positions, because they lower the heat input and improve the weld metal control.


welding; GMAW; IAC; sequence repeat

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