Metallurgical Joining of Magnesium Alloys by the FSW Process

Tomáš Kupec, Ivana Hlavačová, Milan Turňa


This paper deals with welding AZ 31Mg alloy by FSW (Friction Stir Welding) technology. Welds were fabricated with new equipment supplied from China for VUZ-PI Bratislava (Welding Research Institute — Industrial Institute). Welding parameters and conditions were proposed and tested. Joint quality was assessed by optical microscopy and microhardness measurements. The fabricated joints were sound, apart from minor inhomogeneities (cracks). It is considered that after certain adaptations of the welding parameters, and perhaps also of the welding tool, that this equipment will be capable of producing welded joints of excellent quality that can compete with any fusion welding technologies, including concentrated power sources.


welding; magnesium alloy; friction stir welding; quality control

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