ESSO — Electrification of the Central Labe Districts between 1916 and 1950

Jan Holovský


Elektrárenský svaz stredolabských okresu, LLC (in English “The Power Plant Union of the Central Labe (Elbe)” districts, which will be referred to here as “ESSO”), came into existence in 1916 in response to growing interest in electrification of the surroundings of Kolín. The Union was an extension of Križík’s earlier activities. Most of the power was produced by Križík’s power plant, which was extensively refurbished between 1919 and 1923. In 1919, the hydroelectric power plant in Podebrady was connected to the mains. Between 1924 and 1935, the Union gradually took over the hydroelectric power stations in Nymburk (1924), Kolín (1931), and Prelouc (1935). The Union´s most extensive project for a new steam power plant located in Kolín was initiated in 1929. The first stage of construction of the power plant was completed in 1932. It should be noted that the structure was designed by the well-known architect Jaroslav Fragner. The Union significantly influenced the electrification process for the central Labe district and its surroundings. The Union also successfully extended the number of electricity users. In addition, its activities raised the standard of living of the local citizens. The Union, which had already been nationalized, ceased to exist in 1950.


Elektrárenský svaz stredolabských okresu; ESSO; Kolín; power plant; hydroelectric power plant; electrification.

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