Integration of Autonomous UAVs into Multi-agent Simulation

Martin Selecký, Tomáš Meiser


In recent years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have attracted much attention both in the research field and in the field of commercial deployment. Researchers recently started to study problems and opportunities connected with the usage, deployment and operation of teams of multiple autonomous UAVs. These multi-UAV scenarios are by their nature well suited to be modelled and simulated as multi-agent systems. In this paper we present solutions to the problems that we had to deal with in the process of integrating two hardware UAVs into an existing multi-agent simulation system with additional virtual UAVs, resulting in a mixed reality system where hardware UAVs and virtual UAVs can co-exist, coordinate their flight and cooperate on common tasks. Hardware UAVs are capable of on-board planning and reasoning, and can cooperate and coordinate their movement with one another, and also with virtual UAVs.


Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles; multi-agent systems; deployment

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