Micromechanical Analysis of Cement Paste with Carbon Nanotubes

Vít Šmilauer, Petr Hlaváček, Pavel Padevět


Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are an attractive reinforcement material for several composites, due to their inherently high strength and high modulus of elasticity. There are controversial results for cement paste with admixed CNT up to 500 µm in length. Some results show an increase in flexural or compressive strength, while others showing a decrease in the values. Our experiments produced results that showed a small increase in fracture energy and tensile strength. Micromechanical simulations on a CNT-reinforced cement paste 50×50 µm proved that CNT clustering is the crucial factor for an increasein fracture energy and for an improvement in tensile strength.


carbon nanotubes; cement hybrid material; micromechanics; fracture energy

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