Study of Silicon Photomultipliers for the GRIPS Calorimeter Module

Alexei Ulyanov, Lorraine Hanlon, Sheila McBreen, Suzanne Foley


GRIPS is a proposed gamma-ray (200 keV to 80 MeV) astronomy mission, which incorporates a pair-creation and Compton scattering telescope, along with X-ray and infrared telescopes. It will carry out a sensitive all-sky scanning survey, investigating phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts, blazars and core collapse supernovae. The main telescope is composed of a Si strip detector surroundedby a calorimeter with a fast scintillator material. We present the initial results of a study which considers the potential use of silicon photomultipliers in conjunction with the scintillator in the GRIPS calorimeter module.


silicon photomultiplier; GRIPS; gamma-ray; future

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