Multigroup Approximation of Radiation Transfer in SF6 Arc Plasmas

Milada Bartlova, Vladimir Aubrecht, Nadezhda Bogatyreva, Vladimir Holcman


The first order of the method of spherical harmonics (P1-approximation) has been used to evaluate the radiation properties of arc plasmas of various mixtures of SF6 and PTFE ((C2F4)n, polytetrafluoroethylene) in the temperature range (1000 ÷ 35 000) K and pressures from 0.5 to 5 MPa. Calculations have been performed for isothermal cylindrical plasma of various radii (0.01 ÷ 10) cm. The frequency dependence of the absorption coefficients has been handled using the Planck and Rosseland averaging methods for several frequency intervals. Results obtained using various means calculated for different choices of frequency intervals are discussed.


SF6 and PTFE plasmas; radiation transfer; mean absorption coefficients; P1-approximation.

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