The Formation of a Power Multi-Pulse Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation in the Pulse Plasma Diode of Low Pressure

Ievgeniia V. Borgun, Mykola O. Azarenkov, Ahmed Hassanein, Oleksandr F. Tseluyko, Vasyl I. Maslov, Dmitro L. Ryabchikovk


In this paper results are presented on experimental studies of the temporal characteristics of spike extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation in the spectral range of 12.2 ÷ 15.8 nm from the anode region of high-current (I = 40 kA) pulsed discharges in tin vapor. It is observed that the intense multi-spike radiation in this range arises at an inductive stage of the discharge. It has been shown that the radiation spikes correlate with the sharp increase of active resistance and of pumped power, due to plasma heating by an electron beam, formed in the double layer of charged particles. It has been observed that for large number of spikes the conversion efficiency of pumped energy into radiationat double layer formation is essentially higher in comparison with collisional heating.


EUV Sources; plasma discharge; Z–pinch; EUV radiation; conversion efficiency.

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