Systems of Electronic Overcurrent Protection in Pulse Power Generator Operating on Plasma Load


  • Dmitriy V. Godun
  • Sergey. V. Bordusov
  • Anatoliy P. Dostanko



plasma, high-voltage source, pulse voltage.


Schematic peculiarities of pulsed power source and modulator-shaper for working on high instability plasma load are discussed. In its construction should be provided for several levels of overcurrent protection. First of all modules of electronic protection should be integrated into the control driver system of IGBT modules and must provide a quick disconnect power switches in excess of the allowable values of pulse current. The next level of overcurrent protection in pulse power generator is a protection against overcurrent in the load circuit. Operating threshold of current protection in this case must be set to the maximum value of current in the secondary circuit. In order to limit the emission of stray voltage on the power pulses in a moment of switching of power switches a restrictive RC snubbers parallel to the collectors and the emitters of transistors must be installed. It is also appropriate application of software-controlled configurating of electrical power at the outputof a pulsed power supply.

Author Biographies

Dmitriy V. Godun

Sergey. V. Bordusov

Anatoliy P. Dostanko