Faraday Cup for Electron Flux Measurements on the Microtron MT 25

M. Vognar, Č. Šimáně, D. Chvátil


The basic criteria for constructing of an evacuated Faraday cup for precise measurement of 5 to 25 MeV electron beam currents in air from a microtron are established. The Faraday cup, built in the microtron laboratory of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of CTU Prague, is described together with the electronic chain and its incorporation in the measuring line on the beam. Measures to reduce the backward escape of electrons are explained. The range of currents is from 10–5 to 10–10 A. The diameter of the Al entry window of the Faraday cup is 1.8 cm, and its area is 2.54 cm2. The thickness of the entry window is 0.1 mm.


microtron; Faraday cup; electron beams; electron flux measurement

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