Spectral Analysis of Schrödinger Operators with Unusual Semiclassical Behavior

Pavel Exner, Diana Barseghyan


In this paper we discuss several examples of Schrödinger operators describing a particle confined to a region with thin cusp-shaped ‘channels’, given either by a potential or by a Dirichlet boundary; we focus on cases when the allowed phase space is infinite but the operator still has a discrete spectrum. First we analyze two-dimensional operators with the potential |xy|p - ?(x2 + y2)p/(p+2)where p?1 and ??0. We show that there is a critical value of ? such that the spectrum for ??crit it is unbounded from below. In the subcriticalcase we prove upper and lower bounds for the eigenvalue sums. The second part of work is devoted toestimates of eigenvalue moments for Dirichlet Laplacians and Schrödinger operators in regions havinginfinite cusps which are geometrically nontrivial being either curved or twisted; we are going to showhow these geometric properties enter the eigenvalue bounds.


Schrödinger operator; discrete spectrum; Lieb-Thirring inequality; cusp-shaped regions; geometrically induced spectrum

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