Particle Dynamics in the RMP Ergodic Layer under the Influence of Edge Plasma Turbulence

Matúš Kurian, Ladislav Krlín, Pavel Cahyna, Radomír Pánek


The complex processes in edge tokamak plasma are affected (among others) both by resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) and by plasma turbulence. RMP is nowadays considered to be a candidate for the mitigation of the edge-localized modes (ELMs). The effect of plasma turbulence inthe edge region has not been studied yet. Since both RMP and plasma turbulence should influence plasma dynamics, studies of their simultaneous effect have potential practical implications. Using a simplified model of the turbulence and single-particle simulations, we discovered that its effect at realistic amplitudes changes the ion dynamics significantly. We expect that the turbulence has a similar effect on electrons, thus potentially influencing the ELM mitigation mechanism.


resonant-magnetic perturbation; plasma turbulence; non-linear dynamics

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