The Impact of Active Conductors on Czech and Hungarian Lightning Protection Legislation

Jan Mikeš, Marcela Efmertová, Norbert Szedenik, Jirí Kutáč


This paper summarizes the developmental conditions for the emergence of protection against lightning. It reviews the legislation especially in the Czech Republic over the last 15 years, and its application for active lightning conductors. The paper presents examples of the damage caused bylightning strikes on buildings protected by ESE lightning rods constructed using the French nationalstandard NFC 17-102 [1] and STN 34 1391 [2]. Installation of lightning conductors based on thesestandards is not, however, in accordance with the valid legislation in the Czech Republic and Hungary.In response to a growing number of ESE installations in the Czech Republic, it is vital to inform boththe broader professional publc and the lay public of cases involving failures of this type of lightningconductor.


lightning protection; ESE; active lightning conductors; Czech Republic; Hungary

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