Evaluation of Water Resistance and Diffusion Properties of Paint Materials

J. Drchalová, J. Poděbradská, J. Maděra, R. Černý


A simple method is presented for evaluating the water-proofness quality of paints on lining materials. The method is based on measuring the integral capillarity in dependence on time, and then comparing this value to the value determined for the basic lining material. Measurements of the effective water vapor permeability then provide information on the risk of condensation which may increase after applying the paint. A practical application of the method is performed with four Karlocolor paints on glass concrete substrates. All the Karlocolor paints are found to be very effective materials for driven rain protection. The diffusion properties of all the paints are found to be excellent.


water-proofness; diffusion coefficient; paints

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