Dynamic Effect of Discharge Flow of a Rushton Turbine Impeller on a Radial Baffle

J. Kratěna, I. Fořt, O. Brůha


This paper presents an analysis of the mutual dynamic relation between the impeller discharge flow of a standard Rushton turbine impeller and a standard radial baffle at the wall of a cylindrical mixing vessel under turbulent regime of flow of an agitated liquid. A portion of the torsional moment of the baffle corresponding to the region of the force interaction of the impeller discharge stream and the baffle is calculated under the assumption of constant angular momentum in the flow region between the impeller and the baffles. This theoretically obtained quantity is compared with the torsional moment of the baffles calculated from the experimentally determined distribution of the peripheral (tangential) component of dynamic pressure along the height of the radial baffle in pilot plant mixing equipment. It follows from the results of our calculations that for both investigated impeller off-bottom clearances the theoretically determined transferred torsional moment of the baffles in the area of interference between the impeller discharge flow and the baffles agrees fairly well with experimentally determined data and, moreover, that more than 2/3 of the transferred torsional moment of the baffles as a whole is located in the above mentioned interference area.


Rushton turbine impeller; impeller discharge stream; dynamic pressure

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