Filling and Recycling Apparatus of a Cyclotron Target with Enriched Krypton for Production of Radiopharmaceuticals

M. Vognar, M. Fišer, Č. Šimáně, D. Chvátil


An apparatus for multiple filling of a cyclotron target with enriched Kr gas is described. The system is based on recycling pressurized gas by cryogenic pumping between the target tube and storage containers. The design and construction makes use of previous experience in the construction and operation of two analogue apparatuses for Xe124 high pressure gas targets, but major modifications have been incorporated, evoked by the different physical properties of Kr, by the character of the nuclear reaction, and by the demand for automation from the side of the end user.


generator; Kr gas target; 36K82(p; 2n) 37Rb81 reaction

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