Two-equation Turbulence Model Similarity Solution of the Axisymmetric Fluid Jet

V. Tesař


This paper presents a general, universally valid solution of axisymmetric turbulent submerged jet flow, for which no fully satisfactory solution has been known. What has been available so far are either computational solutions for individual particular cases, lacking universality, or similarity solutions with inadequate turbulence models, some of them based upon assumptions of a speculative character (e.g. constant mixing length across the jet profile). The present approach uses a similarity transformation of the governing equations, which incorporate an advanced turbulence model. The results are shown to be in excellent agreement with available experimental data. The new solution provides a suitable basis for analysis of enigmatic aspects of axisymmetric jets, such as their "spreading anomaly".


jet; axisymmetric jet; turbulence; turbulence modelling; two-equation model; similarity solution; fluctuation energy; turbulence dissipation rate; turbulence length scale

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