Pavlína Hájková, David Tichý, Jiří Čmelík, Petr Antoš


This paper presents a study of the immobilization of humic substances (HSs) on a polypropylene (PP) nonwoven fabric. In order to attach the HSs, the PP nonwoven fabric was modified in a volume of nonthermal atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) under defined conditions. An unmodified PP nonwoven fabric was used as a reference sample. The modified and unmodified samples were both dipped in an aqueous solution of potassium humate, and then the samples were washed in water and the amount of HSs attached to the PP fabric was monitored. An aqueous solution of cadmium salts was filtered through the treated fabric, the content of Cd2+ in the solution was monitored using ICP-OES analysis, and the Cd2+ sorbed on the fabric was proved by SEM/EDS analysis. The efficiency of the PP plasma modification was proved by XPS analysis, and the presence and the distribution of the HSs along the fibers was proved by SEM analysis.


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