Modelling of Highway Runoff Quantity and Quality

Ashraf El-Shahat Elsayed, A. Grünwald, M. Synáčková, M. Slavíček


The stormwater Management Model (SWMM) is a well-known stormwater runoff-simulation model. It is a deterministic, spatially distributed model for calculation of runoff quantity and quality. The aim of this study was to predict highway runoff characteristics using data from different highway catchments. The SWMM was used in the simulation process and the predicted data was verified using monitoring data collected from Prague-Plzeň highway for both total suspended solids and organic compounds. The analyzed data indicated that the simulated TSS, BOD5 concentrations lie within the range of the measured data and both data sets are considered highly polluted with respect to the specification limits. The analyzed data also show that the first flush of runoff is the most polluted, and is responsible for contamination of retention and/or received waters.


Stormwater Management Model; highway runoff; quantity; quality; first flush

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