Structural Design Using Simulation Based Reliability Assessment

S. Vukazich, P. Marek


The concept of Simulation Based Reliability Assessment (SBRA) for Civil Engineering structures is presented. SBRA uses bounded histograms to represent variable material and geometric properties as well as variable load effects, and makes use of the Monte Carlo technique to perform a probability-based reliability assessment. SBRA represents a departure from the traditional deterministic and semi-probabilistic design procedures applied in codes and as such requires a "re-engineering" of current assessment procedures in accordance with the growing potential of computer and information technology. Three simple examples of how SBRA can be used in Structural Engineering design are presented: 1) the reliability assessment of a steel beam, 2) a truss bar subjected to variable tension and compression, and 3) the pressure on the wall of an elevated water tank due to earthquake load.


Structural Engineering; Reliability Assessment; Monte Carlo Method

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