Non Linear Modelling and Control of Hydraulic Actuators


  • B. Šulc
  • J. A. Jan



modelling, simulation, fluid dynamics, robotics, fuzzy control, proportional-derivative control


This paper deals with non-linear modelling and control of a differential hydraulic actuator. The nonlinear state space equations are derived from basic physical laws. They are more powerful than the transfer function in the case of linear models, and they allow the application of an object oriented approach in simulation programs. The effects of all friction forces (static, Coulomb and viscous) have been modelled, and many phenomena that are usually neglected are taken into account, e.g., the static term of friction, the leakage between the two chambers and external space. Proportional Differential (PD) and Fuzzy Logic Controllers (FLC) have been applied in order to make a comparison by means of simulation. Simulation is performed using Matlab/Simulink, and some of the results are compared graphically. FLC is tuned in a such way that it produces a constant control signal close to its maximum (or minimum), where possible. In the case of PD control the occurrence of peaks cannot be avoided. These peaks produce a very high velocity that oversteps the allowed values.

Author Biographies

B. Šulc

J. A. Jan