Ján Kačur, Karol Kostúr


Underground Coal Gasification represents an alternative for conventional coal mining. This technology is also less expensive than traditional mining. It is expected that coal will be an important energy source in the coming decades. In requirement to improve the gasification process we must ensure that the combustion reactions generated enough energy to heat the reactants. This can be achieved by controlling the flow of oxidizing agents and the underpressure control at the exit of the reactor UCG. This paper aims to propose the stabilization of air flow as a main gasification agent injected to the gasifier, underground temperature and concentration of O2 in syngas. Also there is proposed the mechanism that could cope with uncertainties in the process of UCG and its control on stabilization level. Paper presents utilization of discrete controller with adaptation in order to stabilization of UCG process variables. The controllers were verified on experimental ex-situ reactor (generator).


UCG; syngas; controller; stabilization; ex-situ reactor; adaptation


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