Measuring the Process Parameters of the IBAD Method

M. Zoriy, F. Černý, D. Palamarchuk, S. Konvičková, I. Hüttel


Chromium nitride films are known as good protective layers for against both corrosion and wear. These coatings have been studied in detail during recent years. Their protective capability strongly depends on the deposition conditions. A modern method for preparing chromium nitride is the IBAD (Ion Beam Assisted Deposition) method. The main parameter determining the composition and properties of the films prepared by the IBAD method is the arrival ratio of impinging nitrogen ions to chromium atoms. In order to calibrate the ion beam XY-mechanical scanner with a Faraday cup, a detector was designed and constructed. By mathematical processing of the data, the flux of the nitrogen atoms was found. To obtain the flux of the chromium atoms the RBS and Talystep methods were used. Now, on the basis of this data, we can perform CrNx, coatings with controlled composition and properties.


IBAD; CrN; CrN2; calibration; electron beam

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